D3 Remote Learning Vision and Priorities

District 3 Remote Learning Vision: 

We are committed to supporting our diverse learning community by strengthening collective efficacy and collaborative structures so our leaders and teachers are better prepared to design and deliver rigorous and flexible learning experiences that promote independence, inter-dependence, and high expectations, while meeting the needs of all students.  We do this by partnering with parents and elevating student voice, so our systems are responsive, compassionate, and affirm our students' and families lived experiences. 


  1. Build capacity of adult learners by fostering a culture of feedback that promotes best practices and collegiality, so every school is supported and prepared to deliver rigorous, innovative, synchronous and asynchronous instructional practices.  

  2. Support student learning experiences that are grounded in equity (lived experience, access, opportunity) through the lens of Culturally Responsive Sustaining Practices (CRSE), Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and a flexible, "no harm" grading approach. 

  3. Promote brave spaces through Courageous Conversation protocols and our District 3 Charter, so we can openly discuss racial inequities, as we revise systems and structures to provide access to all learners, with a focus on our marginalized and most vulnerable. 

  4. Engage families, and parent groups using a double feedback loop approach to improve our systems, structures, processes and practices so families can be true partners in their child's educational experiences. 

Christine Loughlin, Superintendent

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