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High School Virtual Information Session

High School Virtual Information Session on Vimeo

Offers and Waitlists MySchools Tutorial

Offers and Waitlists MySchools Tutorial on Vimeo

Middle School Admissions

How Students Get Offers in NYC
Watch this video to learn how random selection is used to make offers. 

District 3 Meet the Middle Schools Night

January 12, 2022

Below you will find links to all of our middle schools' websites and known open house dates. If there is no open house date listed please visit the school's webpage for information. At the bottom of the page are FAQs about our admission process for the 2022-2023 school year. 

PS 191 
The Computer School - 245
Mott Hall 2 - 862
The Center School - 243
West Prep - 421
Dual Language School - 247 
The Lafayette Academy - 256
West Side Collaborative - 250 
Community Action - 258
West End Secondary - 291
Manhattan School for Children - 333
The Anderson School - 334
Frederick Douglass Academy II  - 860 
Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing & Visual Arts - 415 
Special Music School 859


Below are the primary questions we have received so far.


  1. How does the lottery work?                                                                                            District 3 families will have the same school choices as in past years, and families will continue to rank up to 12 programs in their true order of preference. In the matching process, the schools each family has listed and the order in which they are listed will continue to drive admissions outcomes. In this admissions cycle, screened schools will transition to an open admissions method. This means that if there are more students than available seats, applicants will be randomly selected for seats.

  2. How do the D3 diversity priorities impact this admission cycle without available academic data does the 10 & 15% priority group for FRL apply?                        This year, the D3 diversity priority will operate as a priority for 25% of seats for students who are eligible for Free or Reduced Price Lunch (FRL). All families – FRL and non-FRL – should fill out their applications in their true order of preference.

  3. How do priority groups for Students with Disabilities apply?                                                There is no change to how seats for students for disabilities are being done. Seats will be set aside at the district percentage for students who are eligible.

  4. Will there be a sibling policy?                                                                                                We are excited to announce that, starting with Fall 2022 admissions, the DOE will phase in a sibling priority for middle school applicants citywide.                                              This means: This year, students entering middle school in fall 2022 who have a sibling in sixth grade during the 2021-2022 school year have a priority to attend the same school as that sibling if they apply to it.

  5. Will there be a priority for multiple siblings who are the same age?​​                                    If you have more than one child the same age applying to middle school (ie., twins), you may choose to submit identical applications for both children so they receive an offer to the same program.

  6. Appeal process: what will that look like?                                                                                Like last year, there will be a waitlist process and no appeals round. The waitlist process will operate the same way it did last year, and more information will be available at that time.   

  7. Will the DOE be prioritizing placing students in the middle school closest to their home address? Will geographic proximity apply to students who end up with a "Forced match"?                                                                                                                                  There are no zoned middle schools in District 3, so students do not have a priority to middle schools based on their home address.  

  8. Are there any internal assessments applied?                                                                        There are no internal assessments this year.

  9. Can you confirm the application due date?                                                                           The current due date is March 1, 2022

  10. Does the lottery apply to Center School?                                                                            Yes, the Center School will transition to an open admissions method.  

  11. Will Center School consider letting kids in for 6th grade?                                                The Center School will continue to only admit students into grade 5 during the admission process.

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